The Industrial Solution

Customer Benefits
  • ・ROFIN Hybrid MOPA architechture
  • ・Robust design
  • ・ROFIN global on-site support
  • ・Easy system integration and maintenance
  • ・Made in Germany
  • ・700 fs pulse width, 20 W laser power
  • ・Programmable Burst Mode (patented)
  • ・Repetition rate from single pulse to 2 MHz
  • ・Fast parameter change
  • ・Integration packages for various applications



Technical Specification


Available as integration module or integrated in control cabinet.

Typical applications
Cutting of materials like metals, plastics or brittle materials like glass or sapphire
Drilling of different hole geometries (e.g. conical, elliptical etc.) with highest precision
Structuring of materials in the µm-range
Selective ablation of thin films in the nm-range without damaging other layers
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