R&D Workstations in PV

Complete your lab process and improve your process performance with ROFIN R&D laser system



Lab system

System for process evaluation in your lab. From compact and easy to start scanner deflection head solutions to highly accurate NC controlled R&D systems.


Features & Benefits:
● High flexibility and open architecture allowsto easily integrate newest technology
   for process improvement.
● Innovative laser technology - ROFIN is a major laser provider for PV systems
● Wide range of laser sources: Endpumped q-switched lasers, disc lasers,
   fiber lasers, ps lasers
● Vision system / pattern recognistion for accurate substrate alignment
● Easy access to process chamber, to lasers and optical systems for a quick 
   change of configuration, easy alignment and maintenance
● Complete solutions including customized substrade handlings and fixtures

● Ablation
● Edge isolation
● Edge ablation
● Drilling
● Cutting

● Scribing

● Doping
● Marking

Laser Solutions for Photovoltaics Industry pdf (1.3 MB)