Laser Cutting Systems

Application-specific Optimized Complete Laser Solutions

Laser cutting systems from ROFIN comprise very specialized solutions for cutting medical implants to highly flexible all-purpose platform solutions like the Cube. All systems have a complete solution design. Depending on the application, you can chose from ROFIN's wide range of laser sources to be integrated into the complete solution. High precision CNC controlled axes and a high performance, flexible control concept are the basis for customized optimized solutions for manual to fully automated manufacturing.


You will find further complete solutions for cutting systems with CO2-lasers.

StarCut Tube Family   MPS Family   MPS with 3D Functions
Cut_upper_left.jpg   Upper_middle_MPS.jpg   MPS_with_3D_Func_Upper_Right158x127px_01.jpg
The StarCut Tube Family includes high precision laser cutting systems for ...
Depending on your requirements the versatile MPS Family will offer the ideal laser workstation for multi-purpose material
The MPS 3D is a medium-sized, all-in-one multi-purpose workstation for a very wide range of ...
LASAG PWS Mini        
For laser spot and seam welding as well as cutting and drilling