3D Laser Marking


Perfect laser marking of free-form surface

ROFIN software comes with an integrated module, which offers distortion-free parallel projection of marking contents onto free-form surfaces. Parallel projection ensures geometrically correct marking layout reproductions even on curved or irregular shaped surfaces. Dimentional variationor distortion are a matter of the past. The software incorporates a 3D correction filed when preparing the data for the laser marking process. 

Prior to this, this 3D correction field is generated with a 3D Simulation, where the virtual marking field is placed within or above the visualized workpiece. The optionally available Fast Focusing Module (FFM) brings free form marking to perfection, particularly when large marking fields are required or pieces with bigger height variations have to be processed.


Features at a glance

      ・ 100% correct geometry reproduction

      ・ no dimensional Variation or distortion

      ・ arbitrary free form surfaces are possible

      ・ fully automatic correction


Brochure: Laser Marking - Superior solutions for a
wide range of applications
 PDF (141.8KB)