PowerLine C 30

CO2 Marking Laser for Organic and Inorganic Materials


The PowerLine C 30 provides best marking results on plastics and glass as well as on organic materials like wood, paper and leather. The integrated sealed-off CO2 laser source minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures cost-efficient operation. With control and supply units in 19-inch rack format, the laser marker integrates easily in industrial production lines.

With an extended control software the laser marker PowerLine C 30 IC has been adapted to the requirements of the Semiconductor industry.



Features at a glance

     ・Compact design

     ・Suitable for plastics, glass, wood, paper, leather, etc.

     ・No external gas supply, nearly maintenance-free


Output power class up to :

30 W
Laser type Single sealed-off CO2
Wavelength: 10. 600 nm
Marking field: Ø 70 mm (other dimensions on request)


Typical  Applications 

・ Laser marking of organic materials