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Efficient, Powerful and Reliable 


ROFIN’s fiber-coupled diode laser with 6 kW output power is an ideal tool for brazing, cladding and surface treatment applications due to its smooth an homogenous beam profile and the high efficiency. The wavelength close to 1 µm achieves high absorption in many materials and ensures best results. 


Converting electrical power directly into laser radiation – that’s the by far most efficient way. Inside a ROFIN diode laser, multiple diode laser modules – each providing an optical output power of 1kW – are combined together and coupled into a multi-mode single core fiber. Each module is monitored individually and can be replaced on site if necessary.


The modular design allows flexible power scaling and ensures high availability as well as ease of maintenance. In addition, standardized customer interface and a remote access for diagnostics provide highest user-friendliness. The robust system comes with an integrated cooling unit enabling the use of process water which is available in the most industrial areas. 




Technical Data


Output Power                                             4,000 and 6,000 W

Wavelength                                                900 - 1,000 nm

Beam parameter (using a 1 000 µm fiber)     110 mm x mrad

Available fiber optics                                    1,000 µm


Typical Applications


・ Laser Brazing

・ Laser Hardening

・ Laser Cladding


Brochure: Diode Laser DF 060 HP icon_downloadPDF.jpg pdf