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Laser Cutting in the Machine Tool|Industry

High Speed Cutting for Highest Productivity

High processing speeds, smooth cutting surfaces and an easy programming make laser cutting not only interesting for contract manufacturers, so called job shops. Here, sheets of different thicknesses and tubes and profiles with diverse geometries are cut. The laser provides an efficient and quick processing of even small batch sizes, quickly changing errands and different materials. Almost all metallic materials can be processed with the common cutting machines, whereas construction steel, stainless steel and aluminum define an essential part. Laser beam sources from ROFIN are integrated and sold by many machine manufacturers all over the world.

2D Laser Cutting

2D Cutting of Mild Steel   2D laser cutting machines process the most different materials and contours quickly and flexibly. These components are used in various areas: For example, housing covers of Hi-Fi systems, components for musical instruments or saw blades are cut by lasers.

For these applications we recommend: DC Series, FL Series

3D Laser Cutting

3D Laser Cutting   With the corresponding system technology even complicated spatial components like hot shaped sheets, car bodies or tubes can be cut by lasers. Laser cut tubes are used e. g. in architecture or for ground frames for fitness equipment.
For these applications we recommend: DC Series, FL Series