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Laser Welding in Jewelry Design

The Perfect Joining Method for Filigree Parts Made of Precious Metal

The specific features of manual welding systems have revolutionized manufacturing and repair work in the jewelry industry. Workpieces are manually positioned in a working chamber and viewed through a microscope with crosshair. They are permanently spot welded making expensive clamps or time-consuming wire binding unnecessary.
Precious metals and alloys can be welded without any filler or soldering material. Laser weld seam is extremely robust and requires only little post processing. Impurities of potentially toxic alloys are avoided.
ROFIN developed the first manual laser welder in 1992 and is today the market leader with more than 4,000 installed laser systems which are subject to constant enhancements. Quite a number of innovations, especially the sweet spot resonator(R) and the MicroWeld option(R) from ROFIN have made manual laser welding very easy.

New Settings

Welding at Complicated Areas   Thanks to the micro welding of finest metal sheets transparent clamps are created very near heat-sensitive precious stones which fix the stone between two thin sheets directly above and below the girdle. The lower side of the stone remains free.

For these applications we recommend: Performance


Design   The localized heat input allows welding very near heat-sensitive materials like wood, plastic, precious stones, pearls or spring elements. Even mesh-like designs and other filigree designs made of wires smaller than 0.1 mm can be created.

For these applications we recommend: Performance


Assembly   Difficult fixtures (e. g. cluster) which are usually set in wax and covered with plaster, or time consuming steel wire binding are not necessary. Two different alloys (for example gold/steel) can be joined without any problem.

For these applications we recommend: Performance

Laser Welding of Necklaces

Laser Welding of Necklaces   During assembly the chain links are welded inside the manufacturing machine, in most cases post-processing is not necessary. The weld shows higher resistance than a soldered joint. For these applications we recommend fiber coupled laser sources.

Repair Work

Repair Work   There are endless possibilities: precious stones or springs of a clasp do not have to be removed before welding. Even alloys which are difficult to process, like pewter and white metal can be laser welded.

For these applications we recommend: Performance