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Lasers in Jewelry Design

Creative New Design Options, Efficient Production

The laser is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals. Laser technology combines precision in the range of 100 microns with lowest possible mechanical and thermal load of sensitive pieces such as precious unique jewels. This opens up a wide spectrum of new applications for jewelry designers or goldsmiths.
Laser technology allows the design of new settings covering the stone only to a minimum and which can also process complex shapes. Laser markers reproduce facsimiles of hand writings in calligraphic quality with different line widths even inside the ring true to the original.
ROFIN offer system solutions for a wide range of laser applications in the jewelry industry, starting with a family of worldwide leading manual welding lasers and laser cutting systems to laser markers that were specifically designed for the jewelry production.
Laser Cutting   Deposit Welding w/ Powder   Laser Hardening
Laser Cutting   Deposit Welding w/ Powder   Laser Hardening
Quick and Precise Cutting of Pieces with Complex Contours...   The Perfect Joining Method for Filigree Noble Metal Parts...   Efficient Laser Marking and Engraving of Rings and Jewelry...
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