Laser Cutting of Glass

Complete Separation in One Workstep


Flat glass scribe and break processes are traditionally used to mechanically separate glass. This process very often does not allow to avoid micro cracks and chipping along the scribe line, significantly influencing the bending strength of glass substrates.


Using suitable lasers for glass scribing and cutting, sharp edges and crystal clear walls can be achieved. Lab tests with customer samples have to be realized for the suitable laser choice and process parameters.


Traditionally CO2 lasers of different power classes as well as ultashort pulse lasers can be used


Laser cutting of glass - benefits for the user:

  •        * Laser Glass scribing and cutting can significantly reduce the required process steps, which are necessary to separate glass mechanically
  •        * Material bending strength as well as thermal shock resistance is enhanced by factor 2 – 3             for a better product quality
  •        * Cutting of tube glass for clean cutting without creating any particles


Laser filamentation of glass


The ROFIN SmartCleaveTMFI process allows cutting arbitrary shapes including small radii of down to 2 mm in a single pass without taper. The resulting surface finish is basically free of chipping. Typical surface roughness values ra of less than one micron lead to high unique bending strengths of the cut parts.



SmartCleave FI-Product-Flyer


Laser Cutting of Solar Glass


Decoating and cutting of solar glass for the production of solar modules featuring high mechanical strength.


For this application we recommend: OEM iX Lasers, SR Series


Laser Cutting of Hollow Glass


Clean cutting of glass tubes almost without any splintering for applications in the pharmaceutical and illuminating industry.


For these applications we recommend: OEM iX Lasers, SR Series or DC Series